From Kathy

I am committed to returning people to a healthy, pain-free life.  I am considered an expert John Barnes’ MFR physicaltherapy3therapist.  In an effort to stay abreast of emerging techniques in the field of physical therapy, I have  trained in Integrated Manual Therapy with Sharon Giammattea, PhD, PT, Joint Mobilization with Freddy Kaltenborn, and Cranial Sacral Therapy through the Upledger Group. I have taken multiple women’s health classes and completed most of the Great Lake Seminars by Patrick Hoban PT, MS, OCS, ATC, CIMT which encompasses gentle mobilization and muscle energy to the spine and extremities, and functional exercises .  I have taken Shirley Sahrmann, PhD, PT courses for Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement-Related Pain and Syndromes Associated with Muscle Imbalances. I have also taken Nutritional seminars with Gloria Gilbere, N.D., D.A. Hom, PhD.  I exceed the physical therapy licensure requirements for continuing education every year.  I believe I will never stop learning.  I also receive regular therapy treatments to keep my body in top condition.


I provide a supportive environment that promotes healing and recovery using manual and movement therapies. I perform thorough evaluations that emphasize identifying the problem not just the symptoms and develop individualized treatment plans for each patient’s problems.


With over 37 yrs of physical therapy practice, intense anatomy, physiology, and manual therapy studies, I have come to realize that the body is no longer just a collection of muscles and bones, but a complex interrelationship of systems that work together for total body wellness.  My approach has expanded beyond the passive modalities, PT exercise mill and the “no pain; no gain” routine.  By using gentle manual techniques and a focus on muscle reeducation, patients are making major progress with pain  from injuries, surgical and trauma adhesions, fibromyalgia, and repetitive stress activities.  I believe that the patient is responsible for their healing process and must actively participate in home exercise and treatment programs specifically designed by the therapist for each patient’s problems.